Tenant/Buyer Representation

Ross Property Advisors provides superior tenant/buyer representation services, while delivering measurable business value. Whether finding new office, industrial or retail space, reviewing and auditing current lease obligations, renegotiating existing leases, analyzing available lease or purchase options, or disposing of excess space, our Clients benefit from our knowledge of the marketplace, in-depth financial analysis, strong negotiating skills and attention to detail.

buildings6 We work closely with every Client to understand their requirements and business objectives, and develop real estate solutions that reduce costs, increase profits, and improve productivity. Ross Property Advisors has developed an outstanding platform of services to better serve our Clients. Additionally, we have instituted a Best Practices program including a proven transaction process that is flexible enough to address each Client’s individual needs.

Ross Property Advisors draws upon all of the resources that the firm offers to provide comprehensive real estate services through a single point of contact. Our focus is to maximize the value of existing real estate portfolios and provide problem solving capabilities to the complex real estate issues currently faced. We analyze holdings, evaluate options, recommend solutions and implement change. This may be as simple as auditing the escalation portion of a rent bill or as complex as reviewing the implications of a major acquisition.

Through the use of our proprietary lease software, we manage information for both owned and leased properties. We provide real time data and interpret the information to support the decision making process.

Ross Property Advisors Corporate Services represents Clients in transactions across the country through our Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR) affiliates.

What is Tenant/ Buyer Representation

Companies are tasked with tremendous responsibilities to their customers and Clients to maintain profitability of their organizations. Therefore, the talents of their managers and staff need to be focused on the mission of their organization. Responsibilities outside of their expertise are best left to individuals and/or organizations that have the expertise to provide those services. When a need for new or expanded corporate facilities occurs, there are several functions that must be addressed in order to help make a successful facilities move or upgrade. That is why companies rely on the expertise of Ross Property Advisors for comprehensive tenant and buyer representation services. We find the ideal site for your company, negotiate the best terms and conditions of your lease or purchase, and make sure your move is complete. Our tenant representation services can extend right down to choosing the best architectural and interior design firm, relocating your existing office equipment, the acquisition of phone systems and new furniture, and any other logistical concerns regarding your move. Our recommendations are based solely on merit, we accept no “finder’s fee”. We are experts in tenant/buyer representation for corporate America and we have the satisfied Client base to prove it.

Why Choose a Tenant Representation Advisor?

Choosing a site without extensive market knowledge can lead to the choice of an inferior property and can be a costly mistake. Furthermore, the person or team within the company is tasked with a tremendous and time-consuming job of identifying the property and negotiating the terms of the lease or purchase; this is often at the expense of doing the job they are best suited for within their organization. Many companies drive by buildings and respond to availability signs, solicit availability information from databases and the Internet, and try to get commercial real estate brokers involved in the process. This method can create chaos and confusion about the intentions of the company involved and results in a duplication of effort on behalf of the company and the commercial real estate brokerage community. In this process your company is not represented by anyone looking after your specific interest, and you are, therefore, subject to the whims of the market. Common mistakes include:

  • Not knowing all the properties available
  • Not knowing how to negotiate the optimum transaction for the company at the lowest possible price – without losing the transaction due to outside competition for the same property
  • Not knowing how to complete the transaction and the subsequent move to the property.

Unfortunately, companies think they are saving money by doing the job themselves. Nothing can be further from the truth.

In actuality, companies save money due to utilizing the expertise rendered by Ross Property Advisors . In its capacity as a tenant/buyer advisor,Ross Property Advisors , has saved companies time and money by using its market knowledge and negotiating skills. This allows you the time to dedicate to your business, which is to service your customers and clients.

More About Our Tenant Representation Services

Call Ross Property Advisors and we will discuss in detail the process by which we can help you identify your new facility and negotiate the optimum terms of a lease or purchase. We will help you assess your needs, conduct the search for your facility, negotiate the rock bottom price and at the same time advise you as to how to structure the deal for future growth. Best of all, our tenant representation services are normally paid for by the landlord or the seller (as the case may be) therefore, there is no cost whatsoever to your company.

Ross Property Advisors represents the real estate interests of tenants. Whether the requirement is for office, retail or industrial lease, purchase or build-to-suit, Ross Property Advisors professionals utilize a systematic approach to meeting the short and long term objectives of each client.

Freeing You to Do What You Do Best

With Ross Property Advisors on your side, you have our unsurpassed expertise to guide you through one of your most critical business decision. Let us do what we do best – negotiate your lease – so you are free to do what you do best – run your business.

Added Value

Our philosophy is built around added value; we neither seek nor accept compensation unless value is created.