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Company Profile

Ross Property Advisors, a Scottsdale based corporate real estate solutions firm specializing in tenant/buyer representation, was formed in 2004 by Lance C. Ross, a 40-year industry veteran and former president of Ross Brown Partners and a Senior Director at Cushman & Wakefield.

building4 Ross Property Advisors is known for its innovative real estate solutions, which maximize value and minimize cost for its clients.

Cross-leveraging our unique business experience and in-depth knowledge creates premium value for our clients. We act solely in the interest of the client as an advisor, partner, and team member without conflicts of interest. The vast majority of our corporate real estate services is repeat business or via referral from clients.

As your corporate real estate service provider, you are assured that our activities solely advocate your interest.

Our corporate service strategy includes rent-free periods, reduced security deposits, landlord funded building upgrades, rights to option space, rights of first refusal, and flexible termination provisions. Additional lease related services are available to facilitate a company’s relocation.

Unlike our competition, Ross Property Advisors has had hands-on experience as principals, developers, investors, property managers and advisors, providing us with the capacity to weigh all sides of any particular situation. Our years of achievement and expertise in all facets of real estate allow us to work closely with our clients to identify requirements, analyze alternatives, offer solutions and deliver results. Our state-of-the-art technology, and our understanding of current tax, building and environmental codes assure creative problem solving and innovative solutions to corporate real estate issues.

The firm represents clients locally, regionally and nationally.

For further information, please contact us at (480) 212-7600. We look forward to doing business with you!

We are located at 4835 E. Cactus Road, Suite 320 Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Mission Statement

To be recognized as a leading provider of tenant representation and related corporation-based real estate services.

  • Representing users of office, retail, and industrial properties and maintaining no conflicts of interest.

Our Core Values


We value the contribution of every employee. We seek strong relationships, based on honest communications, with employees and their families, our customers, and suppliers.


We pursue excellence in all undertakings and value people who strive to produce work of the highest quality. We encourage creativity, innovation and continual improvement.


We seek to earn the respect of all people with whom we interact. We inspire trust based on honest, fair and ethical behavior.


Our operations provide a safe human and physical environment. We are committed to practices that promote the health of employees.


The company and its employees have contributed meaningfully to their industry through trade associations and to their communities through extensive involvement in cultural and civic affairs. The company’s experience has resulted in relationships, resources, and systems which generate exciting opportunities for asset enhancement and future growth for the company and its clients.

Company Culture

Our Expertise and Negotiating Skills are Second to None

With over forty (40) years representing tenants, no one will more aggressively and effectively negotiate on your behalf. Landlords know and respect us.

Fiduciary Responsibility

A key objective of Ross Property Advisors is to serve a limited group of Clients, and provide a higher level of personalized commercial real estate advisory services than that of our competitors. The Firm’s goal is to “be inside” the Client’s organization and become an integral part of senior management’s strategic thinking and planning. Ross Property Advisors assumes a fiduciary responsibility to protect our Clients’ interests. We avoid any possible or perceived allegiance to the landlord community to allow us to most aggressively negotiate rent and a multitude of other concessions for our Clients.

Team Approach

The Team you meet are the people who actually do the work of representing your interests and coordinating the entire project. Your project will be a major priority of our firm. Mr. Ross has led hundreds of Tenant representation projects, from inception through renewal to move-in. Ross Property Advisors will be your single point-of-contact, to oversee all the details, create plans and strategize, organize the Team, and be responsible for the execution of the transaction.


We offer a proprietary, customized lease analysis program. When we coordinate a competition among landlords for our Clients’ business, this analytic tool allows us to easily demonstrate cash flows and expenses, in a way conducive and sensitive to the internal workings of our Clients’ organizations.


We are well educated and responsive in a “take charge” and productive manner. Above all, we take pride in our superior negotiating and diplomatic skills. Our Clients’ recommendations and testimonials speak to our skills.


In commercial real estate transactions, parties have come to accept that nothing is binding unless and until documents are fully executed and delivered. However, we have found that our Clients are not well served when commitments are made casually. Integrity, to us, is everything. We do what we say we will do. Clients entrust us and rely upon us and our word. Parties with whom we are negotiating appreciate this approach and treat our Clients respectfully and promptly, knowing we deliver when we say, “we will.”

Attention to Detail

Our job is to “quarterback” your transaction. In that position, we lead the Team (architect, contractor, real estate attorney, etc.); we understand each party’s role and importance. We create a set of plans and a sensible strategy to execute the plans, anticipate any problems, provide proper motivation and support to the team members. We address, research, and answer every question posed by our Clients and, ultimately, negotiate all the terms of the lease or purchase transaction.


We are well known for our responsiveness to our Clients’ needs, and for our ability to work effectively and efficiently as those needs may change during the course of an assignment. We assure you of personalized, prompt attention. Our job is to stay ahead of the market, keep our Clients focused on marketable transactions and lead Clients through the decision-making process in an aggressive, but sensible, fashion.

Customized Services

Our Clients are the beneficiaries of decades of property ownership, development and management experience. The strength and flexibility is evidenced in Ross Property Advisors‘ service ability to offer Clients a comprehensive array of customized real estate services.