Ross Property Group LLC

building5At Ross Property Group LLC, our core business is to identify real estate investments and development opportunities, and manage investments to maximize returns for our investors; by doing so, we hope to become your investment real estate provider of choice, while continuing to earn the support of our customers and clients.

We think that success requires thought and strategy; it’s to go beyond the easy choices or obvious assumptions. That’s why we’re always thinking about where we should be and where we want to be to get the best possible results and achieve our goals, not just in the “here and now”, but in the median and long term as well.

It’s all about knowing when to charge ahead and when to pull back. It means constantly surveying the field, covering all of our bases, and always thinking a couple of moves ahead. The company’s competitive position is based upon market knowledge, customer relationships and experience.

We hope to create a clear-cut leadership position in our core markets by being closer to our customers, leading innovation, delivering superior value and building a stronger organization. We have made clear choices about where we will focus our investment efforts, and are executing plans in ways that minimize risks.

We have an operating structure that enables us to capture the benefits of a focused, smaller company. We have eliminated inefficient overlaps and, as a result, freed up resources to collaborate better with customers and focus exclusively on our strengths within the market. Our policies and practices interconnect with our values and goals.

We are committed to providing the best practices and procedures to implement better service. Strategies that are working, strengths that enable us to deal effectively with challenges and trends, systemic and structural changes that are improving performance when combined with our individual efforts, ultimately deliver the results we provide to you.

Our overall investment strategy is aimed at maximizing returns without compromising liquidity and risk control. Our investment guidelines stress the preservation of capital. As part of this strategy, we attempt to maintain an appropriate relationship between debt and equity. Our business philosophy stresses the importance of both underwriting profits and investment returns to build value. All of our investments are managed by professionals. Our people are the key to successful management of our business. We value human capital, we will strive to retain the best and the brightest. Our people work closely with our customers and provide services to ensue that we maintain our solid reputation.

Adhering to a strict underwriting discipline, we manage our business with a strict focus on underwriting profit rather than on growth or market share and by utilizing our expertise and knowledge of local market conditions identify opportunities when they arise.

We seek to identify market segments where we believe competition is more limited, presenting the potential for above average returns.

We rely on our detailed understanding of our markets to take advantage of any favorable conditions or trends; sustainability requires a long-term view of the risks and opportunities in our business. We are required to make judgments based on underlying estimates and assumptions about future events and their effects. Underlying estimates and assumptions are based on historical experience and other factors that we believe to be reasonable and prudent.

We look for opportunities to expand our focus into selected regional markets on a case-by-case basis.

We continually seek ways to protect and enhance both equity and profitability.

We utilize state of the art operating systems to improve operating efficiency and optimize the performance of on going operations.

In the cyclical real estate industry, where many prosper during good times and many suffer during bad times. Our aim is to manage the cycle, earning superior returns at the top, remaining profitable at the bottom and generating yields that exceed the costs of capital over the cycle.

Listening to our customers has helped us run our business more effectively while better meeting their needs. We are responsive to the needs of our investors/clients by providing timely, consistent and thoughtful communication.

Customers will benefit from the company’s enhanced delivery capabilities tailored to their specific needs. We will maintain an unwavering commitment to service excellence.

With broad industry knowledge, experience and achievements, our management team is able to execute our business strategy effectively and profitably.

Our management structure is streamlined, decentralized and focused. Day-to-day decision marking is in the hands of management who are in close touch with the market and our customers. With performance-based compensation, management is strongly motivated to drive profitability and stability.

Our ongoing success is the direct result of the company’s unwavering focus on acquiring, developing and perfecting its core real estate competencies. This is enhanced by our ability to read and interpret market signs, allowing us to anticipate and respond to market forces.

The expectation of exceptional performance is why you should do business with Ross Property Group and the delivery of exceptional performance is our highest priority and responsibility.